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Why continue to struggle with your debt when immediate relief is available? You put an end to creditor harassment and foreclosure the moment you file for chapter7 bankruptcy. At the Toms River and Neptune offices of William H. Oliver Jr., Attorney at Law, we help individuals get the debt relief they deserve through asset liquidation and chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Many people going through financial hardship are their own worst critics. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, it is important to realize that what you are going through can happen to anyone. The sooner you forgive yourself, the sooner you can remedy the situation.

The bankruptcy system was developed by congress to benefit the entire country, not just individuals struggling with debt. Bankruptcy allows individuals to void unproductive debt so they can once again be productive and participate in the free enterprise system.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a discharge of all unsecured debt. If you are approved for chapter 7, your debt will be discharged within four to five months of the time you filed. If your payments are current, you may be able to keep your house and your car as well.

In addition to helping you meet your long-term goals by giving you a fresh start, chapter 7 bankruptcy provides immediate relief by putting an end to:

  • Foreclosure
  • Landlord Tenant Evictions
  • Lawsuits
  • Wage Garnishments
  • IRS Levies
  • DMV Surcharges

When all is said and done, chapter 7 will allow the preservation of the assets you have and a discharge of your debts, giving you a fresh start. If you fail to qualify for chapter 7 or you decide it is not the right plan for you, you may want to consider chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Surcharges

If you fail to pay your motor vehicle violation fines and your license is revoked, excessive insurance surcharges may accumulate. These surcharges can be expensive and may be discharged in bankruptcy. After you file for bankruptcy, we may be able to help you get your license back, as well as void DMV surcharges, and any wage garnishments.

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If you think chapter 7 bankruptcy may be right for you, we can help you consider your options and get the debt relief you deserve. Our Neptune and Toms River, New Jersey offices are open during weekly business hours. We also offer evening and Saturday appointments. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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