Debts Discharged In Bankruptcy

One of the biggest questions that people have in bankruptcy concerns what types of debts can be discharged. Generally speaking, unsecured debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy while secured liens (those backed by collateral) must be paid by the value of their collateral. Some debts are impossible to get rid of, like child support. Others, like recent tax obligations and student loans are extremely difficult to get rid of. Common debts that are dischargeable include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Payday loans
  • Retail charge cards
  • Overdrafts at banks
  • Medical bills
  • Judgments
  • Motor vehicle surcharges

Chapter 13 can discharge divorce equitable distribution obligations and judicial and civil penalties (motor vehicle fines).

If you are seeking to discharge debts or are looking for a way out of an otherwise burdensome, crippling or unmanageable financial situation, our attorney and team are ready to put more than 35 years of bankruptcy experience to work for you.

With our comprehensive knowledge of bankruptcy law and the expertise that we have honed in our decades of practice, we will work directly with you to understand your circumstances. From there we can bring the approach that has helped thousands of clients get a clean slate on financial life to work in your case.

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