Life After Bankruptcy

What Happens Now That You Have Your Fresh Start?

After you receive your final discharge at the end of your bankruptcy, you will no longer have any responsibility for any of the debts that were included. You now have a clear path ahead with the opportunity to take your financial life in any direction you choose. It is important that you have some understanding of what lies ahead so you can properly prepare.

At the law offices of William H. Oliver, Jr. & Associates, we provide complete legal services in all areas of bankruptcy law. We are committed to being there for you throughout the process and to advise you after your bankruptcy is complete. We have assembled the following information to help you with your transition into life after bankruptcy.

  • Credit after bankruptcy: Despite what you might have heard elsewhere, bankruptcy is not the end of your access to credit. Your reduced debt load will result in credit offers beginning to arrive in the mail. Some will come with strict terms, and others may not. It is often worthwhile to consider these offers as they frequently provide a valuable opportunity to rebuild your credit.
  • Monitor your credit reports: All of the debts you included in your bankruptcy should show that they are paid in full once you receive your discharge. If any of the debts continue to show a balance, contact the creditor and inform them that the debt was settled in a bankruptcy and provide a copy of your discharge if necessary. If the creditor refuses to correct the error, contact our office.

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