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February 2015 Archives

Things to consider before defaulting on a student loan

The recent proposal by the Obama administration to provide for two years of free college education illustrates the increasingly important role that education plays in the present day of higher-than-usual unemployment and the need for those seeking work to hone their employability by getting more, or better collegiate-level credentials. More and more people are taking college courses, and many of them are paying for it at least in part with student loans.

What does judicial foreclosure mean in New Jersey?

There are two types of foreclosure laws in the United States. About two thirds of the states allow for a procedure known as "foreclosure by power of sale." Under this method, a mortgage holder can sell property subject to foreclosure without needing to resort to court supervision. About two-thirds of states allow for the use of foreclosure by power of sale, which allows for faster and less formal home foreclosure sales. New Jersey, however, is not one of them.

Getting in over your head with credit cards is easy to do

There is an old saying among actors: "Dying is easy, comedy's the hard part." In a similar vein, for many people - whether it's here in New Jersey or anyplace else - obtaining a credit card and running up a balance can be easy to do, and finding yourself with a balance so large that it has you struggling just to make your minimum monthly payment is not difficult to accomplish, either.

Consumer efforts to eliminate debt end as borrowing increases

Consumers in New Jersey stung by the downward economic spiral in recent years managed, along with households across the country, to eliminate debt by curbing their borrowing habits. It now appears as though old borrowing practices might be returning.

Using property exemptions can help protect your assets

One of the biggest issues people have with bankruptcy is the realization that creditors may obtain access to their assets or income streams. Though there is some truth to this, there are also protections in place to prevent creditors from simply seizing whatever property they choose. These protections exist in the federal and New Jersey property exemptions.

Confounding conundrum of medical debt causes financial confusion

No one wakes up one morning and decides to file for bankruptcy for no apparent reason. The decision to file for bankruptcy can arise from several scenarios. Two of the most common are the failure to manage debt effectively over a period of time and facing unexpected financial obligations.

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