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Month: June 2016

Know your options if foreclosure looms

If you are afraid you are going to lose your home in a foreclosure, all is not lost. There may be a way to salvage the situation by taking advantage of one of several federal programs implemented by the Obama administration.One program, Making Home Affordable, offers...

In debt to payday loan sharks? Consider bankruptcy

Those who struggle to live paycheck to paycheck can be tempted to make ends meet by taking out one or more payday loans. But this highly detrimental practice can land you in even more financial hot water.In addition to being a form of usury for the sky-high interest...

The automatic stay and bankruptcy

One of the most difficult and stressful parts of having debt problems is the fact that borrowers become the targets of aggressive debt collection agencies. These debt collectors can be rude, invasive and they will track borrowers down wherever they are. They will even...


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