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Month: July 2022

How do you stay out of credit card debt?

Falling into credit card debt is often all too easy due to the way credit cards are designed to work. It takes active effort to avoid falling prey to them. How exactly does one stay out of credit card debt, in that case? After filing for bankruptcy, it is more...

Bankruptcy filing show signs of rising

After leveling off after the disruptive years of 2020 and 2021, bankruptcy rates show signs of rising again. Several economic challenges point to possible trouble ahead for many consumers and commercial interests. A stalled economy often leads to more people seeking...

Can you settle your medical bills for less?

Americans should not have to choose between their medical care and keeping their homes, but unfortunately, that is what far too many must do. According to recent studies, as much as 66.5% of bankruptcies occur because of medical issues, and either because of time off...


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