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3 reasons a deed in lieu of foreclosure is not a good deal

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Board, 2.1 million families owe a minimum of three months' worth of mortgage payments. They are at risk of foreclosure, among the 11 million households in peril of ending up homeless in 2021. There are options to combat...

What you should know about student loan deferral

If you are having a hard time making monthly payments on student loans, you might consider requesting a deferral. Typically, your lender will grant you a deferral if you are able to demonstrate financial hardship. Deferral can offer some immediate help with debt and...

How to spot and avoid a foreclosure scam

Desperate homeowners seeking to retain their homes are a common target for scam artists looking to take advantage of a difficult situation. While there are legitimate programs out there, they are few and far between.The reality is that when you have few options...


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