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Chapter 7

Can the bankruptcy court make you sell your cat?

If you are a cat owner, you know just how much your feline friend brings to your life. In addition to giving you some much-needed company, your cat improves your mental health. In fact, according to Psychology Today, simply being around a companion animal tends to...

Managing student loan debt after bankruptcy

When debt gets out of control, filing for bankruptcy is a way out for many people in New Jersey. While declaring bankruptcy can affect someone's credit, it may be better in the long term to discharge debts before they default. It is thus wise to stop focusing on any...

Is medical debt sending you to the poorhouse?

It's tough dealing with chronic illnesses requiring frequent emergency room visits and/or prolonged hospital stays. But it's even tougher when the hospital and the debt collection agency it employs use heavy-handed tactics to shake sick patients down for money while...


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