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Credit Card Debt

How to make headway on debt the smart way

Credit card debt is a rough topic for a lot of Americans. It's easy to get into -- especially if you hit a difficult financial patch and find yourself relying on credit cards for basic necessities.The average American family owes around $16,000 in credit debt -- which...

Reasons to not increase credit card limit

Most people are ecstatic when they receive a credit card for the first time. However, this momentous occasion has its downfalls, as evidenced by the fact the average American household has around $16,000 in credit card debt. When most people take out a credit card for...

Credit card debt can easily become unmanageable

Many people pull out a credit card to pay for purchases without really thinking about the consequences that can come from that decision. It is possible to use credit responsibly, but it is also possible that something will happen that means you suddenly find yourself...


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