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Fewer bankruptcies aren't necessarily sign of good times

After about a decade of bad news regarding the economy, it is tempting to grab onto pieces of information that might mean there is good news for a change. One bit of information that sounds promising at first listen is that personal bankruptcy filings are down.

Medical credit cards: Tempting to the vulnerable, but dangerous

When someone has a painful tooth or needs an important medical procedure done, they tend to be in a desperate position. Sure, most wouldn't expect that a medical or dental procedure is free, but one would hope that the treatment wouldn't get them into credit card debt that they couldn't overcome.

Study suggests divorcing parties have debt matters to settle

Deception and divorce often come hand-in-hand. Maybe someone misled their spouse about who they were and revealed their true colors after walking down the aisle. Maybe after years of marriage another sexual partner proved too tempting to pass up. Maybe a spouse lies about being happy for so long that ultimately the opportunity to fix the union passes a couple by.

Steps to avoid getting overwhelmed by credit card debt

Each individual consumer has his and her reason why they might be struggling with debts. Maybe someone relied heavily on loans and credit cards in order to finish and pay for college. Maybe another person was laid off and had a mortgage to pay and a family to support. Maybe someone was injured or sick and has a pile of medical bills that required the use of credit cards.

'Because they can,' bank goes after people even after Chapter 7

When someone is approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debt relief agreement is supposed to take effect and relieve the filer of the agreed upon debts. A specific change that a bankruptcy filing should enact immediately is the end of creditor calls and harassment.

Dishonest collections practices costs company $1 M and its names

If you were to get a call, letter or text from a something called National Attorney Service, would you think that party has a legitimate legal affiliation? If you are like many other consumers who have been contacted by that group, you might be intimidated and likely to take the correspondence seriously.

Debt isn't just about money but health, too

There is more to resolving debt issues than just avoiding collections calls and mail. There is more to it than just the mental relief that debts are paid off or paid down. According to a Northwestern University Medical School study, debt relief might also be a measurable health remedy.

Medical debt is source of stress and legislative actions

Most people will carry some medical debt with them at points in their lives. Everybody makes doctor's visits. If they have kids, they make various visits a year. Plus, life hands people unexpected health situations. Maybe someone gets really sick. Or maybe someone is injured in an accident. Simply put, life happens, and medical bills can commonly be the result.

Recent spike in New Jersey home foreclosures

As time passes, U.S. homeowners are becoming hopeful that the worst has passed in regards to the economic recession. More specifically, fingers are crossed that fewer people are losing their homes to the foreclosure process. For the most part, that hope is coming true.

New Jersey reality stars charged with bankruptcy fraud

Love them or hate them, Teresa and Joe Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have become famous faces of the Garden State -- at least to lovers of reality TV. But now the infamous celeb couple is making headlines beyond New Jersey.

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